SBOBET, Mourinho: Cech is unhappy at Chelsea

The 32-year-old has attracted interest from Paris Saint-Germain, Monaco and Real Madrid and has been privately encouraged to find a new club

Jose Mourinho admits Petr Cech is unhappy at Chelsea after losing his place to Thibaut Courtois.

The Belgium international was handed his first start for Chelsea on Monday as Mourinho’s men sealed a 3-1 win against Burnley.

It is understood that Paris Saint-Germain are prepared to make the first move for Cech, while Real Madrid and Monaco are also monitoring the 32-year-old, Sbobet, who has been encouraged by Chelsea to find a new club before the transfer window closes.

“[He is a] top professional, working as always, being a group man as always, being a Chelsea man as always,” Mourinho said on Friday.

“I don’t believe he is completely happy as is everyone that didn’t start the game. They clearly feel that some are playing [ahead of them].

“With one match per week in August some are not playing but Petr’s behaviour has been fantastic and that’s important.”

Mourinho insists Chelsea will work with Cech to find a solution but maintains the interests of the club will always be the priority.

“We have to think about the players and the players deserve respect and the players deserve cooperation from the club but the club is the most important thing, Sbobet,” said Mourinho.

“For me football is about club, team, players, managers – so I am the last one – but the club is the most important thing. We cannot give players things and put the players in front of the team, in front of the club. It must be always the other way.

“Every decision, the first thing we think is about the club and the team. If you can make it good for the club, the team and the players, that’s the perfect situation.”

Mourinho also reiterated that Chelsea are unlikely to make any more signings following the arrivals of Diego Costa, Filipe Luis, Cesc Fabregas and Didier Drogba this summer.

“We are very calm, Sbobet, my club did a fantastic job not just because we got what we need but because we did it in a record time for us,” he added.

“We’d have been happy if the market closed by the 31st of July instead the end of August.”.